About me

"Art washes from the Soul the dust of everyday life." Pablo Picasso

My Statement

I grew up and spent most of my life in Costa Rica. My dream of painting began when I was almost seven years old in school when we had to paint the Book of Life. The book was a written record of important daily events which we had to illustrate with our paintings. My work always had positive comments from the teacher. Later as a young woman I studied for many years with five Art Masters of painting. From these wonderful Costa Rican teachers I learnt to distill an essence of their knowledge which I translated into my own style.

My human figures are created primarily from a feeling about a subject and then I apply my style which stretches from expressionism to Dali-like surrealism. Children inspire me, especially sad children that adults have produced pain in their soul, who are lost and waiting to be found to become super heroes to give us a direction to make a better world.

La Chanchada -Pig Parade-

I began a pottery project in 2009 called “La Chanchada - the Unique Pig Parade.” I try to characterize human nature in the form of Pigs, since these are unloved animals. By showing them in fantasy settings with lovable butterflies and humans features it is possible to show them as warm attractive beings.

Finally I try to create a dream in my art work through the dimensions of color, shadows and feelings with the reward of seeing expressions of delight amongst some of the spectators. This feeds my soul.

Recent Work


Painting Absense Acrilyc / canvas
Painting Balance Acrilyc / canvas
Painting The door Acrilyc / canvas
for: Painting The wall Acrilyc / canvas
for: Painting RHIE Acrilyc / canvas

Working lines

A special thank you for being part of my personal Universe.